About the work



As I have a house close to a beautiful river and a magical lake I tend to collect driftwood pieces of elementary wood for my artworks.

The elementary wood is usually already shaped and formed with a variety of colors. Many wood pieces already contain a certain image or precious details that I like to expose in the artworks.



Also my wood work is closely related to my studies with artist and earth healer Marko
Pogačnik. I have experienced and learned how to connect with the inspirations from
nature and translate those ideas into wood works. The basis of my wood art is the connection and relationship with certain inspiration and how to allow myself to being guided by it.

Each lamp is therefore dedicated to a certain inspiration from nature, may it be a mountain, a river or a fairy being (dragon, dwarf, elves…). The invitation of my wood work is for people to connect with nature and its inspirations on a deeper level in their own way and every human being can awaken their creative power and be deeply inspired. I usually get inspirations for my work through my dreams and then intuitively find wood pieces that I decide to work with. The whole process usually takes quite an extensive period of time.



I do not like to limit my artistic work only to single materials, shapes, forms or tools.

I find it is an evolving process that is inviting constant learning and growth. The important part for me is to develop a relationship with the inspiration that lives behind each art work. This may be very helpful in order to resolve challenging and new approaches with art pieces that I undertake and to bringing it to completion.

Besides working with lamps, indoor sculptures and furniture, I enjoy working also with bigger wood sculptures, land art (gardens) also in combination with stone. For my wood work I use: big and small drills, lathe, saws, chain saw, grinders and hand tools…



The work is a creative process. Some art pieces can be created within a few
weeks, while others take months or even years to obtain its desired form. It took
me more than 1 year to complete the below 3 lamps.