About me


I was born in 1984 in Ljubljana Slovenia.
Although I come from an artistic family of
architects, dancers and writers, i have
finished my studies at the university of
Sport science and was involved a lot into
skiing and wave surfing for many years.

A rather difficult turning point in my life
was my mother’s death at age 19 and a
few years later I have met with the
practice of shamanism which was helpful
for dealing with the loss of a parent.

Inspiration for my artistic work with 

music, wood-art and dance
started to flow through my connection
with a wonderful place of lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

I find time and time again that nature is a vast

resource of elemental support that can be used

in various aspects of our lives.



Whenever i have time I enjoy practicing different body and movement
practices from Contact improvisation dance, Movement medicine, fitness, running,
stretching, yoga, cold therapy (Wim Hoff), hiking in the mountains…

In 2015 I have stepped into the certification process of nonviolent communication (NVC), which was developed by Marshall Rosenberg and its been of great support in many of my personal and professional relationships.

I am now a practicing trainer organizing and offering different workshops in schools, business environment, social centers and retreats.