“Ledgend” says, that within the mountain of Pršivec in the village At the End of the world  (Ukanc in Bohinj), there lives a dragon named Govic. 

in heavy rains, the dragon is awaken by the water that fills the chambers of the mountain Pršivec…

As he awakens he starts to wave its tale and thet is why water starts pouring out of the mountains rocks.

A strong torrent is being born and bursts out of the mountain in a waterfall called Govic.

The torrent flows down into the Bohinj lake.


So far i have been inspired to make a sculpture for this dragon 2 times. 

The first time it was about 12 years ago and it was a smaller 1,8m indoor sculpture (you can see some photos in my gallery)

As time came to pass, i got a “calling” to remake the sculpture. This time much bigger. For about 5 years I’ve been dreaming of this sculpture and waiting for the right moment. I had hardly any knowledge on how to work with a chainsaw, so it was a challenge. Step by step i got to work and bought a carving chainsaw and started looking for an appropriate wood log.

When i decide to work on such bigger projects, i try to communicate with the invisible inspiration of the Dragon itself. I know, it may sound crazy, but that is my reality. I trully believe to have been guided to doing this project by the Dragon itself. I “told him”, that this is our common projects and that he has to help me to do the job…

Soon i found a big 2 ton larch tree near by my house and decided to buy it…

When they deliverd the wood pieces i was both happy and frustrated at the same time. Now it was getting real and i had to do the job. But i had no idea how to start!

The Making of proecss of the Dragon Govic sculpture
with the dedicated song
Zmajevi Macesni (The Dragons' Larch trees)



So, i waited…

and waited! I knew i can not force the process.

It turned out that i needed to learn to be sensitive and attentive during the process of creation as well as at times determined.

Often time i would feel a strong creative block and that was for me the sign i need to stop working. Usually i would then get further instructions during night time while i was dreaming. Yes.. When i did not know how to proceed with the sculpture i let it be  and i trusted that i will receive further clear instructions by the inspiration (the Dragon). I never made any clear sketches and i did not know how exactly will it look like and this was scary. 

I was surprised that i started getting clearer and clearer instructions during dream time:” this peace is attached to that one…. you need to drill that hole there… this will be the tale…”

As you might find out, i also wrote 3 songs already inspired by this specific dragon and dragons in general.

I’m happy how the sculpture turned out and now let’s see what is next….

Perhaps the same sculpture in bronze?

Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon

Wood sculpture